Welcome to my new blog, using Gridsome!

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I spent quite a while looking into different platforms that could host my blog, but kept coming back to Gridsome. Possibly because of my preference to working in Vue.js, and possibly because the starter template ticked quite a few "essential feature" boxes for me.

I needed something that was extremely fast on load, something that could scale easily with a large number of blog posts (should I keep writing!), and something that could allow me to commit my posts to Git (ideally in Markdown) so that I'm not tied down to a specific platform that is a nightmare to migrate from later.

Oh, and since I'm a cheapskate, the final solution needed to be cost-effective (read: free).

Gridsome did an amazing job of all that. You can grab the starter I'm using here: Gridsome Blog Starter.

Pagespeed results

The full 100 score on Google Lighthouse for all platforms was a huge factor in choosing this specific theme, since there's nothing worse than opening a page and endlessly waiting for images/fonts/javascript to load.

Of course, since I've got my grubby little hands on it and made some changes, we're now sitting at a score of 93 for mobile, and 99 for desktop. I'll fix this later.