Passing multiple parameters into a function in Powershell

Ran into a simple issue earlier when trying to pass multiple parameters into a function in Powershell.

Whilst my code was different, the issue can be shown with the following:

Function Test([string]$a, [string]$b)
    Write-Host "`First Parameter: $a"
    Write-Host "`Second Parameter : $b"

Test("A", "B")

So, surely this will print the first parameter, followed by the second parameter?

Well, not quite:

First Parameter: A B
Second Parameter: 

A mistake I make constantly when jumping between JavaScript, C#, and Powershell, is that Powershell accepts parameters in a space-separated format.

What is worse, is that this fails silently! There's no error when calling the function like this.

So, to make the function do what we wanted in the first place:

Test "A" "B"
First Parameter: A
Second Parameter: B